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  • Dancers in the level 2, 3, & 4 Ballet, Jazz/Tap, Hip-Hop & Lyrical classes are invited to join us!

  • Dancers will be dressing up as zombies

  • Rehearsals are Thursday 17th & 24th @ 5-6pm

  • The parade is October 29th 

  • Dancers will meet at the studio at 6:00pm, we will then walk over to St. Mary's Parking lot around 6:30pm. The Parade starts at 7:00pm. 

  • Dancers will need to be picked up by a parent at the studio no later than 7:45pm. Dancers will not be permitted to "go and find you" 

  • Dancers will be with us the entire length of the parade they are not permitted to just jump out and stay with you.

  • We recommend hanging out in front of the studio for easy pick up!


  • Students that aren't old enough to dance can still participate!

  • Students that would like to walk may do so accompanied by a parent.

  • Walking students should meet us in the St.Mary's Parking lot at 6:30pm.

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