Class Levels :


Creative Movement
Ages 2.5-3.5. A 45 minute class to introduce students to the joy of dancing while sneaking in technique in a way that lends itself to fun learning!

Pre-Ballet and Tap 

Ages 4-5. Little to no previous training. Emphasis is on ballet and tapbasics.

Pre-Ballet and Tap 2

Ages 5-7. Basic ballet steps and tap basics and fundementals.

Ballet 1 & Tap 1

Basic Ballet and tap combo class

Ballet 1

Ages 6+. Basic ballet technique with little or no prior training.

Ballet 2/3

Ages 8+. Basic ballet technique with 2-3 years prior training.

Ballet 3 Pre-Pointe and Beginner Pointe

Ages 11+. Intermediate.3-4 years prior training. First year pointe students & students who will soon be ready for pointe.

Ballet 4 & Pointe

Ages 13+. 5-6 years prior training. 

Pointe: 5-6 years prior training in ballet only classes as well as pre-approval from the teacher.


Ages 6+. We offer traditional jazz, and based on the dancers class level will either be offered in conjunction with tap, or as a separate class on its own.


Ages 6+. We offer traditional and broadway style tap, focusing on musicality and rhythm. Based on the dancers class level, it will either be offered in conjunction with jazz, or as a separate class on its own.


Ages 6+. Emphasis on emotion through movement, technique, and musicality. Previous ballet training is helpful and recommended. 


Ages 6+. Focuses on grounded movements tied with musicality, and self-expression.

Performance Group

Junior: 9-13 years, Senior: 13 + years.

Invitation only.