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  • What is Performance Group?
    Performance Group is an opportunity for your dancer to go above the recreational level. These dancers will be held to higher expectations. Opportunities include but are not limited to competitions, performances at sporting events, performances at amusement parks, and educational experiences. Students must be enrolled in weekly classes at Honesdale Dance Studio to be eligible. Performance Group is by invitation only, and all members must follow the rules or be removed from the group.

  • How old do dancers have to be to be considered for Performance Group?

    Dancers must be at least 8 years of age.

  • What kind of performance events do you do?

    In the past we have danced for the WBS Penguins, at Hershey Park, and most recently our group Performed on stage in Disney. We will also be attending Disney in 2022!

  • Are there other fees?
    Yes, dancers will be responsible for the prices of their costumes, any entry fees for competitions (these can range from $45-$70for group dances, and $110 - $150 for solos/duets), and if the dancer is given an opportunity to perform a solo or duet there will be a fee for those rehearsal times.

    • Rehearsal fees are as follows:​
      Solo: $30/ 30 minute rehearsal
      Duet / Trio: $20/ Dancer / 30 minute rehearsal

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  • Performance Group is now a weekly class taking place on Thursdays additional rehearsals may be scheduled around performances.

  • Dancers are only allowed 6 absences, 3 lates will amount to 1 absence.

  • Dancers will need tan jazz shoes for both jazz and lyrical. If tap or hip hop dances are applicable the shoes necessary will be decided upon and a notice will be sent home.

  • Payment is $55/month. Payment is due the first rehearsal of each month, all late payments will incur a $5 late fee per week that it is late.

  • News and announcements will be listed on this page so please be sure to check it frequently.

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