2020 - 2020 TUITION

  • All tuition is divided into 10 equal payments that are due at the beginning of each month. 

  • We will not be offering a full year discount due to the uncertainty of the year ahead due to Covid 19

  • These 10 equal payments do not reflect the amount of classes received per month nor the attendance of the student.

  • The only time there will be make-up classes is if classes are cancelled due to inclement weather or some other un-foreseen emergency. Make-up classes will not be rewarded on the basis of a child missing class due to illness or other conflicts.

  • Inclement Weather Policy: Classes will begin to be made up after 2 missed classes due to weather.

  • If your child misses classes for most of/the entire month you are still responsible for all 10 of your payments.

  • Students who take more than one class will also receive additional discounts. 

  • Tap and Jazz classes may be combined to create 1 hour and 30 minute and 2 hour classes. Hip-Hop, Lyrical, and Ballet classes are not allowed to be combined.

  • All dancers must pay a yearly registration fee of $15 per family. This registration fee secures your placement in a given class as they do usually fill up. A waitlist is available.